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Dr. Alisahah Jackson is an expert in clinical care and medical education with over 15 years of experience designing strategies to improve population health, help vulnerable populations and drive health equity. She consults with public and private hospitals, nonprofit organizations and healthcare companies to provide education, guide program evaluation and offer strategic insights on their most challenging problems to improve outcomes.


Dr. Jackson consults on four key topics, with the goal of solving problems and improving outcomes:

Maternal Health

American Indian/Native Alaskan and Black women are up to three times more likely to die as a result of a pregnancy complication than white women — and no hospital is immune to this disparity. Dr. Jackson provides guidance on how providers can uncover disparities taking place in their own clinics and the evidence-based solutions available to address them.

Community Health and Social Determinants of Health

An expert in population health, Dr. Jackson provides healthcare leaders with up-to-the-minute insights on social determinants of health, advice for conducting a comprehensive gap analysis, and specific recommendations on how to improve community health.

Health Equity

An enthusiastic advocate for health equity, Dr. Jackson educates healthcare leaders on the subject and trains them on how to analyze health equity in their organizations and build strategies for addressing inequity.

Digital/Virtual Health

Virtual health can be used to neutralize some health disparities — when used correctly. Dr. Jackson advises providers on how to integrate virtual health into an existing care system, determine the best use of telehealth for both provider and patient, and ensure virtual health does not exacerbate existing health equity problems.

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